Current Rules of Professional Conduct

Rules of Professional Conduct (download PDF)

Rules of Professional Conduct (current rules as of Jan. 1, 2015). Effective dates of rule additions and amendments made after September 14, 1992, are shown at the end of specific rules.

The current Rules of Professional Conduct are under review by the State Bar. Information concerning the review process and text of the proposed rules can be found at Commission for the Revision of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Chapter 1. Professional Integrity in General

  • Rule 1-100 Rules of Professional Conduct, in General
  • Rule 1-110 Disciplinary Authority of the State Bar
  • Rule 1-120 Assisting, Soliciting, or Inducing Violations
  • Rule 1-200 False Statement Regarding Admission to the State Bar
  • Rule 1-300 Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • Rule 1-310 Forming a Partnership With a Non-Lawyer
  • Rule 1-311 Employment of Disbarred, Suspended, Resigned, or Involuntarily Inactive Member
  • Rule 1-320 Financial Arrangements With Non-Lawyers
  • Rule 1-400 Advertising and Solicitation
  • Rule 1-500 Agreements Restricting a Member's Practice
  • Rule 1-600 Legal Service Programs
  • Rule 1-650 Limited Legal Services Programs
  • Rule 1-700 Member as Candidate for Judicial Office
  • Rule 1-710 Member as Temporary Judge, Referee, or Court-Appointed Arbitrator

Chapter 2. Relationship Among Members

  • Rule 2-100 Communication With a Represented Party
  • Rule 2-200 Financial Arrangements Among Lawyers
  • Rule 2-300 Sale or Purchase of a Law Practice of a Member, Living or Deceased
  • Rule 2-400 Prohibited Discriminatory Conduct in a Law Practice.

Chapter 3. Professional Relationship With Clients

Chapter 4. Financial Relationship With Clients

  • Rule 4-100 Preserving Identity of Funds and Property of a Client
  • Rule 4-200 Fees for Legal Services
  • Rule 4-210 Payment of Personal or Business Expenses Incurred by or for a Client
  • Rule 4-300 Purchasing Property at a Foreclosure or a Sale Subject to Judicial Review
  • Rule 4-400 Gifts From Client

Chapter 5. Advocacy and Representation