Current Rules

Rules of Professional Conduct

Rule 1-710 Member as Temporary Judge, Referee, or Court-Appointed Arbitrator

A member who is serving as a temporary judge, referee, or court-appointed arbitrator, and is subject under the Code of Judicial Ethics to Canon 6D, shall comply with the terms of that canon.

Discussion: This rule is intended to permit the State Bar to discipline members who violate applicable portions of the Code of Judicial Ethics while acting in a judicial capacity pursuant to an order or appointment by a court.

Nothing in rule 1-710 shall be deemed to limit the applicability of any other rule or law. (Added by order of the Supreme Court, operative March 18, 1999.)

Publisher's Note: The California Code of Judicial Ethics is available on-line at the official website of the California Courts located at Select "Appendix: Code of Judicial Ethics" in the "Rules" area of the website.