NOTE: Effective January 1, 2007, the California Rules of Court have been revised and re-numbered. The complete set of new rules is available on the California Courts website,

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TITLE 3 — Civil Rules

Division 1 — General Provisions

Chapter 3. Attorneys
Rule Number Name
Rule 3.35
(former Rule 1620)
Definition of limited scope representation; application of rules
Rule 3.36 Notice of limited scope representation and application to be relieved as attorney
Rule 3.37
(former Rule 1620.1)
Nondisclosure of attorney assistance in preparation of court documents

Division 7 — Civil Case Management

Chapter 6. Management of Class Actions
Rule Number Name
Rule 3.769
(former Rule 1859)
Settlement of class actions

Division 8 — Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 3. General Rules Relating to Mediation of Civil Cases
Article 2. Rules of Conduct for Mediators in Court-Connected Mediation Programs for Civil Cases
Rule Number Name
Rule 3.850
(former Rule 1620)
Purpose and Function
Rule 3.851
(former Rule 1620.1)
Rule 3.852
(former Rule 1620.2)
Rule 3.853
(former Rule 1620.3)
Voluntary Participation and Self-Determination
Rule 3.854
(former Rule 1620.4)
Rule 3.855
(former Rule 1620.5)
Impartiality, Conflicts of Interest, Disclosure, and Withdrawal
Rule 3.856
(former Rule 1620.6)
Rule 3.857
(former Rule 1620.7)
Quality of Mediation Process
Rule 3.858
(former Rule 1620.8)
Rule 3.859
(former Rule 1620.9)
Compensation and Gifts
Rule 3.860
(former Rule 1621)
Attendance Sheet and Agreement to Disclose
Article 3. Requirements for Addressing Complaints About Court-Program Mediators
Rule Number Name
Rule 3.865 Application and Purpose
Rule 3.866 Definitions
Rule 3.867
(former Rules 3.866
and 1622.1)
Complaint Coordinator
Rule 3.868
(former Rules 3.865
and 1622)
Complaint Procedure Required
Rule 3.869 General Requirements for Complaint Procedures and Complaint Proceedings
Rule 3.870 Permissible Court Actions on Complaints
Rule 3.871
(former Rules 3.867
and 1622.2)
Confidentiality of Complaint Proceedings, Information and Records
Rule 3.872
(former Rules 3.868
and 1622.3)
Disqualification from Subsequently Serving as an Adjudicator

Division 11 — Law and Motion

Chapter 2. Format of Motion Papers
Rule Number Name
Rule 3.1115
(former Rule 315)
Chapter 6. Particular Motions
Article 6. Miscellaneous Motions
Rule Number Name
Rule 3.1362
(former Rule 376)
Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel

TITLE 8 — Appellate Rules

Division 1 — Rules Relating to the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal

Chapter 2. Civil Appeals
Article 4. Hearing and Decision in the Court of Appeal
Rule Number Name
Rule 8.276
(former Rule 27)

Division 5 — Publication of Appellate Opinions

Rule Number Name
Rule 8.1115
(former Rule 977)
Citation of Opinions

TITLE 9 — Rules on Law Practices, Attorneys, and Judges

Division 1 — General Provisions

Rule Number Name
Rule 9.1 Title
Rule 9.2 Source

Division 2 — Attorney Admission and Disciplinary Proceedings and Review of State Bar Proceedings

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Rule Number Name
Rule 9.5
(former Rule 950)
Rule 9.6
(former Rule 950.5)
Roll of Attorneys Admitted to Practice
Rule 9.7 Online Reporting by Attorneys
Chapter 2. Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings
Rule Number Name
Rule 9.10
(former Rule 951)
Authority of the State Bar Court
Rule 9.11
(former Rule 961)
State Bar Court Judges
Rule 9.12
(former Rule 951.5)
Standard of Review for State Bar Court Review Department
Rule 9.13
(former Rule 952)
Review of State Bar Court Decisions
Rule 9.14
(former Rule 952.5)
Petitions for Review by the Chief Trial Counsel
Rule 9.15
(former Rule 952.6)
Petitions for Review by the Committee of Bar Examiners; Grounds for Review; Confidentiality
Rule 9.16
(former Rule 954)
Grounds for Review of State Bar Court Decisions in the Supreme Court
Rule 9.17
(former Rule 953.5)
Remand with Instructions
Rule 9.18
(former Rule 953)
Effective Date of Disciplinary Orders and Decisions
Rule 9.19
(former Rule 956)
Conditions Attached to Reprovals
Rule 9.20
(former Rule 955)
Duties of Disbarred, Resigned, or Suspended Attorneys
Rule 9.21
(former Rule 960)
Resignations of Members of the State Bar With Disciplinary Charges Pending
Rule 9.22
(former Rule 962)
Suspension of Members of the State Bar for Failure to Comply with Judgment or Order for Child or Family Support
Rule 9.23 Enforcement as Money Judgment Disciplinary Orders Directing the Payment of Costs and Disciplinary Orders Requiring Reimbursement of the Client Security Fund
Chapter 3. Legal Education
Rule Number Name
Rule 9.30
(former Rule 957)
Law School Study in Schools Other Than Those Accredited by the Examining Committee
Rule 9.31
(former Rule 958)
Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Division 3 — Legal Specialists

Rule Number Name
Rule 9.35
(former Rule 983.5)
Certified Legal Specialists

Division 4 — Appearances and Practice by Individuals Who Are Not Members of the State Bar of California

Rule Number Name
Rule 9.40
(former Rule 983)
Counsel Pro Hac Vice
Rule 9.41
(former Rule 983.1)
Appearances by Military Counsel
Rule 9.42
(former Rule 983.2)
Certified Law Students
Rule 9.43
(former Rule 983.4)
Out-of-State Attorney Arbitration Counsel
Rule 9.44
(former Rule 988)
Registered Foreign Legal Consultant
Rule 9.45
(former Rule 964)
Registered Legal Services Attorneys
Rule 9.46
(former Rule 965)
Registered In-House Counsel
Rule 9.47
(former Rule 966)
Attorneys Practicing Law Temporarily in California as Part of Litigation
Rule 9.48
(former Rule 967)
Nonlitigating Attorneys Temporarily in California to Provide Legal Services
Former Rule 963 Repealed - Interim Special Regulatory Fee for Attorney Discipline

Division 6 — Judicial Ethics Opinions

Rule Number Name
Rule 9.80 Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinions